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Benefits of Business Reporting with Spotlight

Ben DuflouTuesday, October 29, 2019

When it comes to understanding financial data, most people arent sure what to look out for. Very few people enjoy looking at what has gone through the books because its as comprehensible as Kurdish to most. Even so, understanding how your business is performing is essential for growing your business revenue, minimising costs and forward planning. Imagine switching on the TV to see the All Blacks playing halfway through the first half but without the score displaying for the entire game. If you dont know the score, how do you know if youre winning or losing? (This was written prior to the Word Cup semi; in that instance, perhaps it was best we didnt the score!)

The same applies to your business. If you know what the score is, you can make informed decisions to grow the business, achieve your goals and win the game.

Spotlight Reporting is one of the tools that we use to help our clients understand exactly how their business or organisation is performing.

Advantages of Spotlight reports:

-          Easy to understand breakdowns of your largest revenue streams, your biggest costs, and how these are tracking though the year

-          Customiseable reports that can be tailored to meet each clients unique needs

-          Simple and colourful graphs that communicate your business performance in a visual manner

-          A detailed commentary prepared by an accountant who can give further insight into what the numbers mean and things to look out for

-          Timely information prepared monthly, bi-monthly, or how often you wish

-          Very affordable at only a few dollars a month, depending on the frequency of your reports

If you would like to know more about Spotlight reports and if these could help you and your business achieve your goals, please get in touch with the All Accounted For team.

The General Ledger - October 2019

Ben DuflouTuesday, October 22, 2019

  • Competitions and promos for October
  • Changes to employer-assisted temporary work visas
  • Accommodation for workers - what you need to know
  • IRD targeting Hospitality sector
  • Want to improve your cashflow?
  • Introducing our new Office Administrator, Lisa
  • Upcoming Tax Dates
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