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New IRD Notifications

Ben DuflouWednesday, May 15, 2019

As many of you may know, IRD has been undergoing a system upgrade under the Business Transformation project. IRD services were down during the Easter break, while they migrated all of the information from the old system in to the new one.

New system is still accessed through the myIR portal from the IRD website but provides the tax payers, and their accountants, with more information and functionality then before.  Unfortunately, just like with many projects of this scale, there are some hiccups along the way.

Access to myIR notifications

As a result of your information being transferred to the new system, some discrepancies in the level of access we have to your information have also changed.  Due to this you may receive an update from IRD notifying you of new access being granted to your myIR account.  In some circumstance you will be notified of the user name of the staff member that linked your tax account to our tax agency.  Understandably this can raise concern as you are unlikely to be aware of the usernames used by All Accounted For staff for accessing myIR.  We have approached IRD to see if the issue can be resolved, but in the meantime if you have any concern regarding one of these emails please call or email us.

Tax return available notifications

IRD is also notifying many taxpayers via email when their tax return for 2019 tax year become available and when the due date is.  We are aware that many of you have not received emails like this in the past and have relied on All Accounted For to keep you informed.  We can assure you that we will still be monitoring and sending out reminders as we have in the past. As above, if you have concerns about any correspondence from IRD please contact us.

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